Massage Insurance: Therapists – Are You Covered?

As a massage therapist, do you have massage insurance?  If you do, is it sufficient?  One of the first massage business set up steps is getting massage insurance.

Therapists: what should you ask massage insurance providers

When you are there shopping around for massage insurance, create a list of all the providers you plan on talking to and ask each provider these questions.

  • Are you covered away from your business? As a mobile massage therapist?
  • Does the massage insurance policy cover your massage modality?
  • Make sure to ask if the massage insurance policy cover:
    • Professional liability
    • Advertising liability (libel, slander, copyright infringement, etc.)
    • Personal injury liability
    • Product liability
    • Premises liability
    • Property damage
    • Sexual harassment / abuse / assault (if covered, usually coverage amounts are lower).
  • What is the deductible amount, if any?
  • Does the massage insurance cover legal fees if someone sues you
  • What is the time frame for the claims? Just know that some insurance policies may not cover you if you take too long in reporting a claim.
  • Does the policy show any exclusions? There should be an exclusion section in the policy
  • What is the annual premium?  Do they have part time premium rates for part time therapists?
  • Are there any discounts through any of your associations that you’re a member with?
  • Does the policy cover your employees or independent massage therapists who might work at your massage therapy center?
  • What is the maximum amount of coverage per claim?
  • What is aggregate annual claim coverage?

Massage Therapist insurance providers

Luckily there are a handful of massage therapy insurance providers to choose from.

Most massage therapist insurance providers have at least $2 million of coverage per claim and at least $5 million in aggregate coverage per year.  Aggregate coverage per year means you’re covered up to the max amount for all individual incidents.

Groupon: Is It For Your Massage Business?

People are always on a lookout for savings. Regardless whether it is real estate, a new furniture or an oral care bundle, there’s a big chance that they’ll settle for something that brings the most for their money. Groupon is a great way for them to do some rest and relaxation, catch up with their shopping, and by physically active.

For businesses, the online deal marketplace presents several advantages. These benefits include a chance to get more business, keep the loyal ones, and serve as a great advertisement for the business. Massage therapists can also take part of the benefits Groupon has to offer.

This article will focus on the how Groupon works for massage therapists. It will specifically highlight the benefits and disadvantages associated with Groupon for businesses.

Additionally, it will explore reasons why coupons offered by the company is big among consumers.

Groupon: What Is It?

Groupon is one of the most popular online deal marketplace in the world. The company offers all kinds of coupons that allows its users to get discounted services or special packages with its partner establishments.

The online deal marketplace came into existence after its founder Andrew Mason got frustrated over him finding it hard to get out of his mobile phone provider contract.

It is fairly easy to get and use coupons offered by Groupon and its partner establishments. The company’s mobile app is also one of the most downloaded retail app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. It is unlike your mom’s coupons.

With Groupon, all you need is to download their mobile app and search for products and services you would like to avail. The app was also made in a way to make it easier for consumers to find the product or service they want and save the coupon. This is one of the many reasons consumers are enticed to getting coupons from the company.

Why is Groupon Popular Among Consumers?

According to a Rice University Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business study, consumers are the biggest winners of services offered by companies like Groupon. The study showed how customers made use of the service to avail products and services they patronize and try something new without worrying about its impact on their wallet.

It also revealed that while many of the respondent businesses did saw profits after offering coupons through the service, almost half of the respondents said they did not realize profits from partnering with Groupon. But the question remains, why it is so popular?

Groupon is an instant hit for consumers looking for discounts while still getting the best service available. For those who are on a budget or are curious about the quality and the kind of services or products offered by a business, the use of a coupon is a nice way to experience it first-hand. The idea behind how the company works is not entirely new.

The use of coupons to entice customers was introduced years ago. The traditional coupons either appear in newspapers or were sent directly via mail. In the age of mobile Internet and mobile apps, people still clamor for coupons and Groupon saw a market for that.

Also, ease of use can be attributed to the rise of companies like Groupon. Deals marketplaces nowadays come with mobile apps. It is a more convenient way for people to browse and find whether there are available coupon/s for the product or service they are going to buy. These companies are part of the revolution that simplifies the shopping experience through e-commerce.

Benefits of Using Groupon

After establishing the benefits offered by Groupon to consumers, you might be thinking what businesses can take from this partnership? You might be interested to go over these advantages claimed by other businesses.

It fills up classes.

The number of students in a class is an essential factor in determining how successful your efforts are in advertising your massage services. While it is still a hot debate, many therapists look at the number of their clients to check whether they are effective in what they do.

Foot traffic would never be a business issue when using Groupon. The online deals marketplace sees about 550,000 coupons a day according to a research done by ReadyCloud.

This is an important benefit for any kind of business as it ensures that people will walk into the doors of their business every day. On top of the ReadyCloud research, Investopedia enumerated the advantages offered by companies that offer electronic coupons, which includes:

  • Reducing the barrier of entry of new customers;
  • It brings back old consumers; and
  • Discount promotions are a good way of promoting your brand in social media.

Higher incremental revenue

Incremental revenue refers to the profit realized by your business without spending too much on advertising or increasing the price of your products and/or services. The use of Groupon allows you to earn instead of losing money on classes that were not fully booked. Given that there are no additional expenses that comes with releasing coupons, you can be assured that there would be profit with every student that signs up for your classes.

A chance that your students purchase more classes or services

Businesses can use Groupon as an advertisement tool. It is an effective way to get the public know more about your massage business. Experience is the best way to attract your potential customers. Given that, you should invest in something that can promote your business while letting people try what you have to offer.

The use of coupons is like teasing your potential students of what you offer. It is their first taste of the quality of your massage services and your amenities. If they are fully satisfied with what they experienced, it could lead them to availing of your membership and booking classes directly.

Why Do Some Massage Therapists Dread Groupon

The use of coupons also has its negative impact on businesses. The following are some of the most common issues faced by businesses who have partnered with the online deals marketplace:

Loss of profit

Offering a service or a product with coupons is basically you selling your products or services at a lower price. To further explain, it means that you are lowering the chances of your business achieving its goal profit by the end of a certain period.

You can get a clearer picture of how Groupon hurts your profit if you calculate how it works. First, the company entices you that offering coupons through them is absolutely free. However, that is not the case at all times.

The company takes about 50% of your revenue as a fee for their service. Businesses that newly partnered with the company cannot easily see how it is damaging their profits. Groupon usually runs the coupon campaign for their partner establishments. At the end of each cycle, Groupon merely sends out a check containing your part of the profit. It is not until the end of your campaign that you can check how much you sacrificed to entice new students.

Devaluing your brand

Customers are very sensitive on how businesses price their products and/or services. Groupon-partner businesses offer discounts at never been imagined levels. This move can cause people to start thinking how you are taking advantage of the health trend to make more money. People tend to stay away from those who jack up their prices even when it is apparent that it could be sold at a much lower price. This is a perception that would be attached to your business when you starting offering coupons. But is it really a bad thing?

The disadvantage comes when your students, both new and loyal, started waiting for discounts before booking a class or availing your membership fee. The way that they were pampered too much creates a problem that sees them accustomed to paying for your services at a much lower price point than what it should really cost.

No repeat customers

Groupon works by offering discount to your potential students. These students are more likely to stay with your classes until the time you stopped offering coupons. While it is good that you are able to attract new people into your community, it hurts your loyal students.

As coupons are only available to your new students, your loyal ones might start wondering why they are not given the same special treatment. Imagine yourself being a loyal customer of a brand that started offering discounts only to new customers.

It would be a deal breaker, right? As a customer, you may start double thinking about your loyalty and start shopping for alternatives. The same thing happens when you offer coupons.

Additionally, your loyal students are the one shouldering the cost of you offering coupons through Groupon. Given that Groupon students are attending your classes on a discount, there is someone in it that needs to shoulder the cost. It might not be instantly obvious to them that they are sharing with you a part of the cost left by your new students, but they will soon realize the bias you have on your new students.

Groupon: Friend, Enemy, or Frenemy?

The use of Groupon is growing at such a rapid rate. Businesses should no longer ignore the potentials associated with partnering with this online deals marketplace. Its partner establishments proved that the use of coupons is a very effective method to attract new customers.

However, like everything, Groupon also comes with some shortcomings for businesses. Profit sharing, the lost of your brand’s value, and non-repeat customers are some issues faced by businesses that makes use of this service.

The advantages and disadvantages that comes with using coupons can be best countered if you have a solid strategic plan when partnering with companies like Groupon. You must have a clear vision on what you expect from the partnership between your massage business and Groupon.

Additionally, you must have clear expectations not only when things go right, but also when it diverts from your original intention. Groupon do help businesses if you have know the disadvantages and advantages that comes with it. It allows you to be realistic and plan ahead to reap the most of what it offers.

Using Facebook Pages and other Social Media Platforms for Your Massage Practice

Facebook might be popular for poking, reconnecting with family and friends, and sharing cute photos of your pet. However, marketing professionals saw its potential as a tool that could help businesses in the long run.

Social media platforms like Facebook welcome hundred of thousands of visitors a day. Given the number of people using the platform religiously, it is a great channel to advertise and make people know more about your business.

In this article, discussion will focus on the use of social media, particularly Facebook, to advertise your massage practice.

It will also highlight ways to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Facebook Pages, ways businesses can use Facebook Pages, and advice from marketing professionals on how to take advantage offered by Facebook.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is defined as a type of Internet marketing that makes use of social media platforms to create and share contents. Activities that usually comes with this kind of online marketing include posting images, texts, and videos related to your business and paid social media advertising to engage your existing and potential massage clients.

Authentic content generation is also another reason businesses and marketing professionals are also tapping into social media for their marketing campaigns. Through these user-generated contents, brands are able to harness the creativity of their patrons while creating a bond with their community.

According to the Social Media Update 2016 report from the Pew Research Center, Facebook remains as biggest social media platform in the world. Facebook is also the most favored among business and marketing professionals as a social media marketing platform. The following reasons are why it is the ideal platform for social media marketing:

  • First, Facebook allows them to be more detailed in creating their content.
  • Second, the social media platform also allows attaching of photographs and videos as a stand alone or alongside the text.
  • Third, Facebook allows linking back to either the brand’s other social media accounts or its official website.
  • Lastly, the platform has the ability to remind people about schedules.

How Can I Use Social Media for My Business?

Competition is strong in the health and fitness industry in the late 2010s. It is good for customers but could be a big challenge for your massage business. One thing that can make you stand out from the competition is to have something you unique to offer to your students. However, there is a problem when you are not putting out yourself to the public.

Social media is a great way for you to reach your target audience. Some of the features offered by Facebook Page are free. This is something of a good news for businesses that are just starting or those who are struggling to maintain their operations. In order to attract new students to your studio, the following should convince you to implement a social media marketing strategy:

As an advertisement for your business.

Social media reaches a lot of people. Given that many are using Facebook and other social media platforms, it is sure that people you want to be familiar with your massage practice can be reached. Businesses that want to make better use of social media marketing should be ready with appropriate content and a strategy that that only sees success as their endgame.

The use of social media as a way to advertise a business has been proven to be successful. Many businesses saw sales reached and their new customers signed. To sum it up, a click and a simple share can land your business in the same category as those viral cat videos.
A platform to connect with your customers.

Social media is also a way for your business to connect with your customers. Social media is a place to find out how people are talking about your business. It can also be a channel to address the inquiries and concerns of your customers. Many of the big businesses nowadays are turning into social media to help their clients. This strategy is proving to be a big help for most companies as it allows them to immediately address issues and complaints made by their customers.

Business looking for new consumers can also tap into social media to get to know their potential customers. It can be a great avenue to explain and give answers to their inquiries and other concerns.

Benefits of Using Facebook Page

Businesses that makes use of Facebook Pages are offered a ton of tools that can make their social media marketing initiative more fruitful. Facebook offers business functions like insights, targeted audience, and the ability to monitor the activity of your competitors. These functions are enough to convince you to sign up for the Facebook Business service. If those were not enough to made up your mind on getting a Facebook Page, the following are other benefits that comes with this service:
Cost-effective Marketing Expenses

Having a Facebook Page costs nothing for any kind of business. It is a good news for new or small businesses looking to expand their market. If you are looking to take advantage of the posting texts, videos and links, the platform is the best way to start your social media marketing strategy.

However, you can take things further to easily reach your target audience. Facebook also offers paid services that includes paid advertisement spots to get more likes, boosted posts, and its Sponsored Stories service.
Facebook Insights

Insights allows you to gauge whether your efforts are paying off. This tool allows you to monitor the following statistics among others:

  • The number of people who liked your Facebook Page;
  • Determine the reach of your Page;
  • Page engagement; and
  • Post performance.

Higher Traffic to Your Website

A great social media marketing strategy includes links of their official website into every post they make. While it is a must that all content you post must be helpful and entertaining, it should be capable of providing some benefits for you. Experts said integrating links is much better on Facebook as it attractive and shows a summary of the website linked.

Additionally, linking can help you gain new students for your studio. A direct link to your website allows your potential customers to view your membership offers and other packages available in your massage practice.

Recommendations from Experts on Using Facebook Pages

Sure you know what is Facebook Pages and the benefits it offer. But knowing is only one thing for it to bring value to your business. Remember that not everything written online or on a book would work in the same way as it did for others. With this in mind, it is best to further hear and contemplate on the experiences and advice of some professionals.

In order to make the most of what Facebook has to offer, the following are the four stages of a successful social media marketing effort:

A marketing campaign should start with listening. By starting your social media presence, it will be a given that people will start talking about your business online. The first thing in implementing a social media strategy is to listen to what people are saying about your business. Take note of everything they are saying. Consider it as constructive criticism that could be the foundation of your social media marketing efforts.

Also, your Facebook Page and other social media accounts can act as your other customer service line. It is best to be responsive. Experts recommend adopting a 3-Step Social Customer Service Plan, which includes responding quickly, empathizing, and moving it to a private conversation if issue cannot be dealt immediately.

Social media marketing can also be used to influence the opinion and behavior of your followers. Given that you listened to what people were talking about your business, it is pretty easy to influence your existing and target customers. At this stage of your social media marketing initiative, the following goals should be met:

  • Increase awareness of your massage business;
  • Realize higher traffic to your website;
  • Increase engagement with your business and content; and
  • Have a solid retargeting list.


The third stage of your effort is where you start forging a connection with your audience. Social media marketing is not just about you being able to sell your stuff. It has long been proven that customers tend to be loyal if they feel businesses treat them as royalty. Content at this stage of your marketing effort should be aimed to provide new information and/or help on their journey to becoming better massage therapists. Social media marketing experts recommend that each content you release be related to your products and/or services, capable of creating good will among your competitors, and able to convert that good will into meaningful partnership.

Selling is described by most marketing professionals as the most interesting part of any marketing effort. A social media post acts as a gateway. A link is mostly incorporated by social media managers into any business’ social media account. That link will then redirect them to your website. It is there where they will be able to browse all the offers you have.

Getting people to say yes can be a challenging task. But there’s no dead end in social media marketing. Retargeting, personalized advertisements, and blogging are some other strategies you can use to finally convince your potential student to click on that package you are offering.

Facebook Pages is Perfect for You

Facebook Pages is a great way for you to start your social media marketing journey. Given the number of people using the platform, there is a great chance for you to reach your target audience. The low cost of maintaining a Facebook Page is its biggest selling point. Starting a Page on the social media platform costs nothing. You just need to know and have the right content, so that you can easily target your intended audience. If the free stuff is no longer working, Facebook also has paid services that can help you ensure that all your social media marketing efforts would not be wasted. In the end, a Facebook Page is a great tool for you to get your business known to people in your community.

Is ClassPass Right For Your Massage Practice?

Hundreds of people are choosing to lead an active lifestyle in recent years. This caused business people to flock into the health and fitness industry.

They are all hoping to take a piece of the success seen by those who opened businesses like gyms, health centers and yoga studios. However, you can only win the competition by offering something your competitors don’t have.

Service aggregators offer new, and even existing, businesses a chance to get a piece of the many benefits offered by the health and fitness industry. These services can help grow your massage studio location, or just fill up unused class space for a successful studio.

Entrepreneurs, however, need to properly understand the ups-and-downs offered by these tech companies. Only with such knowledge and preparation can they take advantage of the industry.

In this article, you will learn about ClassPass. It will focus on advantages and disadvantages that comes with the service, as well as whether it is best for your massage practice.

ClassPass: An Introduction

ClassPass is monthly subscription service that offers its customers pass to various gyms, martial arts, pilates, and massage therapists. It also includes access to health clubs and spas across the country.

According to its website, the service is the largest health club aggregator in the world by the number of club partnerships. It revealed that is partnered with 15,000 health clubs in 11 countries all over the globe.

The company started in 2011 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate Payal Kadakia after she got frustrated over the lack of available ballet classes near her area in New York City. ClassPass initially started as a company dedicated to offering health and fitness businesses a better registration system, but it did not fair well among business owners.

She then moved to another idea based on the Groupon. The latter is an e-commerce marketplace that offers coupons to its users. These coupons allow its customers to get discounted products and services in businesses partnered with the company.

In this setup, ClassPass offered a deal for 10 classes a year for $49. Its success is what convinced the company to switch from a yearly basis to a monthly subscription model.

The model adopted by the company can be described by what newspaper New York Times described it. The leading periodical called it as a middleman between consumers and health and fitness clubs. It is the best explanation of how ClassPass and businesses work together.

The former entices people to try its packages who then allows them to use “credit values” that comes with their packages to partner health and fitness centers around the world.

How Do ClassPass Work?

In order to take advantage of what ClassPass has to offer, businesses should know how it functions. The service is available for a minimum cost for anyone looking to have a variety of choices when working out. For that monthly fee, they can access any kind of health and fitness center during the period of their subscription.

Gyms, indoor cycling centers, massage practices, and pilates classes are among those included when you get a ClassPass subscription. The following process is undertaken by your customers who are subscribed to ClassPass:

1. An individual can get a ClassPass subscription. Monthly subscription fee depends on the location of the client.

New Yorkers can get a package, starting at $49. This tier allows them to access 2-4 classes. A higher tier is also available at $159, which allows them to book 10-15 classes. New members are offered a free trial. The trial period lasts for two weeks and gives them access to 4-6 classes.

2. After purchasing a package, clients are assigned credit values. For example, the $49 package in New York City comes with 27 credits. The number of classes that can be taken is dependent on several factors, which includes the hour of the class, studio equipment, and studio space.

3. A ClassPass subscriber will tend use these credit for classes offered at their local gym, massage practice or health center. It is a must that these establishments are connected with ClassPass to use that credit.

4. Once credit is consumed, a ClassPass subscriber can earn more credit value by purchasing the same package or a higher tier package.

Benefits and Disadvantage When Using ClassPass

After knowing everything about this subscription service, the next thing business owners should know are the benefits and shortcomings of ClassPass.

The health and fitness-focused subscription service bring a lot of benefits to its users.

First, it allows them to have a wide-range of choices. It gives them the power to choose whether they want to work out in a regular gym today or explore yoga or pilates the next day.

Lastly, it’s cost-effective. It allows them to have access to several health and fitness centers without spending a lot of money to try and have a variety on their fitness regimen.

However, businesses looking into adopting the service could be at lost on what’s in store for them if they embrace ClassPass.

The following are some of the advantages shared by business owners who are part of the ClassPass package:

It can easily fill up your classes.

Filling up time slots is one of the biggest challenges when running a massage practice. Business owners often complain on how they shoulder expenses supposedly covered by students when classes are not fully booked.

As massage therpists are operating in the service industry, it is not a great excuse for any establishment to tell students that classes were canceled because it was not fully-booked.

ClassPass provides a solution for this problem. The service aggregator allows more students to come into your studio at a discounted price.

While businesses’ shouldering expenses is still on-going debate, it cannot be denied that, despite the discounted price paid by students on ClassPass, it eases the burden of business owners to shoulder what should have been paid by an actual student.

It is an advertisement for your business.

ClassPass offers its potential subscribers free trial of its services. Using ClassPass in your massage practice can somehow be compared to that.

A ClassPass subscriber who previously does not know of your business can learn and experience it first-hand. Should he/she be satisfied with the quality of your amenities and the level and quality of classes offered at your studio, he/she is sure to come back for more.

Additionally, a satisfied ClassPass subscriber who booked classes at your studio can bring along his/her friends the next time they come over. This means there is a greater chance for your business to be known around the community and nearby cities and towns.

Greater chances of attracting new students

Clients are what keeps massage businesses alive and active. They should be your inspiration for putting up your own massage practice. That said, it is a great sign that a new client shows up in front of your massage practice frequently to keep the community thriving.

It also allows your classes to be more dynamic and diverse. But how do ClassPass help in getting you new clients and keeping them loyal to your massage practice?

ClassPass founders said that they created the service as a way for people to be introduced to their local gyms, yoga centers, massage therapists, and other fitness facilities in their areas. Though, it shouldn’t replace having a great marketing plan in place for your massage business.

They added that once introduced, they hope that their subscribers do patronize the packages offered by their partner institutions. It is with this arrangement that ensures ClassPass will not be a threat to the longevity of the health and fitness business.

However, ClassPass also comes with its own disadvantages. The following are some of the common complaints and issues faced by partner establishments with ClassPass:

Loss in profit

This is the most serious disadvantage that comes with ClassPass. It is especially a big concern for those who just started with their massage business. Yes, while the subscription service allows you to fill your classes, it does not promise that your pockets will also be filled. It can be a short term solution, but you’ll definitely want to find other solutions to get more massage clients to your practice.

ClassPass and its partners negotiate on how credit values can be applied to their the latter’s services and products. In massage practices, these credit values can be used to book massage sessions.

The rate for this can be lower or higher depending on the type of class, its hour, and the amenities offered by your studio.

It does not promote customer loyalty

ClassPass allows its subscribers to be exposed to a wide range of establishments offering the same service as you. Given such, it would be a hard sell to win the loyalty of your students. These customers are exposed to a wide variety of classes and amenities.

Also, they are more conditioned to book classes according to their free time and not by which massage practice offers the best classes. That said, great class quality and amenities can still convince them use your membership and stay loyal.

Will It Work for Your Massage Practice?

ClassPass is a subscription service that offers both good and bad things to your business. Its monthly subscription service offered at an attractive price can easily persuade anyone to purchase a package.

It is a great strategy for those looking to have their business introduced to the local and surrounding communities. For established health and fitness businesses, it is an enticing tool to gain the attention of new and former students. The credit values offered by ClassPass can allow these potential loyal students to experience what your studio has to offer.

But there are also disadvantages that comes with partnering with the monthly subscription service. ClassPass acts as a middleman between consumers and businesses. As a middleman, it takes percentage out of the profit of any business.

This means that while your massage practice is fully booked, it does not ensure that your profits are soaring above the roof. This is one of the most important thing business owners should ponder upon before being part of the ClassPass network.

In the end, it all depends on your vision for your massage practice. Each business that partnered with ClassPass has their own reason for doing so. It is best that you go through everything above and take them side-by-side with where you envision your massage business to be in the next few years.

Things to Know Before Creating a Website for Your Massage Practice

People are focusing more on their health nowadays. Also, most are turning to the Internet to research on which diet, exercise, or any regimen that might work for them. Your massage practice can take a bite of this trend.

A full dedicated website for your massage practice is just as important as choosing the right massage location. A proper website is still needed even when you are engaged in a massive social media marketing effort.

This article will focus on important contents that must appear on a massage therapist’s website. It will also highlight recommended templates for your business and trends in designing a website for a massage practice.

Things That Should Be in a Massage Therapist Website

Having a website should not end in putting all the pictures you can take into the website. It must also contain all the necessary information your potential student needs to know. Remember that people visiting your massage therapist’s website.

Veteran massage practice owners and website designers recommend the following must-have content on your own site:
Contact details

Most people no longer use phone directories to find which local business offer the service they need. A research found that many use the Internet to locate someone who can help them with their needs. Given this fact, you should use your website to inform them on ways to know more about you, where to find you, and how can they call you if they have any further questions.

Services offered

Potential students are not only convinced by your credentials and experience. They also need to know whether classes you offer suits them. With this in mind, it is essential that your massage practice’s website contains details on every session you offer at the massage practice. Each should give them a glimpse of how you conduct sessions, its level of difficulty, and feedback from your existing students.

Your website will serve as your front-end “sales person.” It would be great if your potential students can have a glimpse of what your studio look like. This is the part where photos of your massage practice come handy. The website should have a dedicated section simply for showcasing the beauty of your studio. It is essential as it can give your potential clients a feel on whether they will feel at ease in your classes and the kind of place you have.
Your credentials

No one wants a service from someone who they know is not properly trained nor experienced in a certain field. Given that, your massage therapist site should include a section that details of the work you have done in practicing massage therapy. It is also great if you can post a list of training that you and/or your other therapists’ training, previous jobs, and certification.

A lead form in your website is an easy way for your potential clients to connect with you. With massage being one of the most preferred way to find balance in life while achieving ideal weight, it is best to stand out from the competition. A form that is easy to understand, fill-up, and got all the boxes where you can reach out to your potential student should be a staple on your massage practice’s website.

Recommended Designs for a Massage Practice Website

When picking a design for your website, you should first consider whether it can easily adjust to any kind of screen. Many marketing professionals and website designers emphasize the importance of a website capable of fitting any kind of screen size. It is because there is a growing number of people viewing websites on their mobile devices.

After ensuring that your target audience can perfectly view your massage practice’s website, design comes next. Experts said that a well-design website helps in improving the branding of a business. They claimed that poor-looking or difficult to use sites usually drove people away. But how do you know that your website’s design is up-to-par with what your potential clients want and is the latest in web design? The following are some recommendations to consider when picking a designing a website:
Keep it simple

While design attracts your potential students, it is not what will convince them to stay. It is still important that your massage therapist website is not cluttered with varying kinds of information and pictures. Web designers recommend that you choose a typeface that is easy to the eyes. They also advise you to trim down colors used to a maximum of five different colors.
Easy navigation

A usable website is that which does not confuse its visitor where to click next just to find the information he/she needs. In designing the website for your massage therapy, it is best to keep the primary navigation simple. It should be located at the top to be visible and easy to click. Web designers also recommend using the breadcrumbs plugin. This plugin enables your potential and existing students to easily go back from previous pages they visited. Lastly, experts recommended to not have more than three levels deep navigation.
Be consistent

We already know how bad design easily turns people away. Consistency is key to keep your massage practice website elegant and befitting of your massage practice branding. Consistency in web design means that the template used in your home page should appear in all sections of the site. This also applies to typefaces, color schemes, and backgrounds. If you opt to use different templates across the site, web designers recommend maintaining the cohesiveness of the design by making only minor adjustments. They explain it helps in keeping the site easy to browse and scan for information.

User-experience should be among the top priorities when designing a website. Experts recommend conducting a trial-and-error to gauge the effectiveness of your website’s design. Additionally, there is a wide selection of tools that can help you evaluate whether you have come up with a great web design. Crazy Egg is one of those tools. It is capable of providing information on the performance of your website by using heat map, confetti, overlay, and scroll map.

Consider responsive design

In web design, responsive design refers to the capability of your website’s design to adopt in any kind of screen. Studies and surverys revealed that more people are using their mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers to access the Internet. Having known that good design is important in attracting new clients, it is best to research and test whether your massage practice website’s design can fit a large screen and work even on the smallest screen.

Templates Fit for a Massage Therapy Site

WordPress and Squarespace are common platforms used by small businesses to creat and host their websites. There are numerous reasons behind the popularity of the said blogging/website providers among businesses. First, it is easy to create one despite having no background in creating websites. Second, you don’t need to have a dedicated server to host your own website. These providers do all the hard work for you. Lastly, these platforms are abundant with templates fit for any kind of business. Many third-party providers work with these blogging platforms in terms of creating a website template. Such templates make it easier for you to fix your site and include all those you wanted to show your potential clients.

The following are some of samples of available templates for your massage therapy website:
Shanti – WordPress Theme

If you decided to go with WordPress when creating your website, this template suits everything a massage practice needs. It features eye-catching pages that highlight all aspects of your business and what you have to offer. It comes with an Elementor Page Builder. This feature allows you to easily insert your content by just drag-and-drop. The theme was also developed to be mobile-friendl y. The Shanti theme works on both large screens, as well as any kind of smartphone or tablet computer

Namaste – Ready-to-Use Minimal Elementor Theme

The Shanti template for your WordPress website is equipped with Elementor. The template with this feature built-in allows you to easily customize your site to your liking. This feature makes it easier for you to include maps and other things as it comes with widgets like Google Maps, SoundCloud, and social media icons. Namaste also comes with JetElements built-in for Elementor. This feature enables you to re-arrange and even build your massage practice website from scratch. JetElements enables you to create a website without knowing any coding language. It also comes with functionalities like mega menu, Cherry plugin layouts, and integrated Google fonts.

This template for massage therapist websites is among those recommended by Squarespace itself. The template comes with a customizable header, which was done in a way that exudes professionalism while still being approachable. The template is recommended by Squarespace for business owners who want to feature more text on their website rather than photographs.


The Bedford template was made for showcasing interactive content. It is for those massage practices that wants to highlight creative video/s specifically made for their business. If you want a more active call-to-action button, the template comes with a prominent button that is eye-catching and easily visible.


The Energy WordPress template was designed for businesses specializing in health and fitness. It comes with several features that includes two header designs, easy color styling, theme options panel, and full-screen slideshow. This template promises and easy-to-make experience given the Theme Options Panel included with the template.

Wellness Pro

The Wellness Pro template was made for websites using WordPress. It was specifically developed for businesses and blogs catering to the health and fitness market. The template comes with an easy to use theme option. It allows for an easy theme change without the hassle of learning any coding techniques. The Wellness Pro template also features a customizable header, widget areas, and is mobile responsive. The template was also made with e-Commerce in mind. It was pre-styled for WooCommerce and BigCommerce.

Easy When You Know All the Essentials

While professional help is still the best, you can still have a great looking website if you are on a budget. Your massage therapy business will definitely take great advantage of the marketing done online. With many depending on the Internet to search for products and services, a website is definitely a must for new and even existing businesses.

Massage Marketing Ideas: 7 Ways to Market Your Massage Business

Setting up a business is one thing. Getting clients to come to your studio is another. But there are several ways to market your massage business. Additionally, there are a million tools you can use to reach your target audience.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few effective ways you can market your massage business. It will discuss the reason behind the need to do marketing, and the various options available for your businesses in the 21st century.

What is Marketing?

Marketing, as defined by the American Marketing Association, is an activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, and delivering offerings that have value for customers, clients and the society.

In short, marketing expert Regis McKenna concluded that marketing is everything. Peter Drucker, another marketing guru, supported McKenna’s definition of marketing.

Furthermore, he added that it is an essential part of business. He explained that it is the whole business seen from the viewpoint of the final result from the customer’s perspective. He added that with its importance, concern and responsibility for marketing should permeate all areas of the business.

People new to marketing should not confuse it with sales. These two are two distinct functions. A successful and effective marketing effort is what leads to realizing great sales.

The purpose of marketing is to be the voice of market so that the original idea for a product or service would not be lost in the process of introducing it to the market.

Marketing research is another term that must be clearly defined. It is a process where the marketer gathers information that would like a service or a product to the customer, consumer, and the public.

It makes use of information-based strategies to get the attention of a target group. This information would then be utilized to make a marketing strategy.

Marketing is an essential part of running a business. It is the process that introduces your business including products or services you offer to your target consumers. As stated earlier, marketing done the right way translates to achieving your ideal sales target.

Why Market Your Massage Business?

Marketing allows the public to know more about what you do and what you have to offer. It is a way for you to educate them on why availing of your massage business will reap benefits for their health and well-being. In short, it is essential to attracting customers, convincing them to make a purchase, and allows you to run your business efficiently.

The team behind the marketing effort leads the roll out of a new product or service. They are in-charge of preparing needed communication tools and strategies, and identifying specific markets and customers.

Marketing is not only limited to the introduction of new products or services and attracting potential customers. It also extends to those loyal ones who have been with you since day one.

The Different Ways to Market Your Massage Business

Running a health-related business offers a million ways to effectively communicate to your potential customers. Health is among the most prioritized areas of life. People are generally more open to trying out things to improve or maintain their optimal well-being. As a massage therapist, there are a million ways for you to market your business. Here are some of the following ideas you can pick up:

1. Word of Mouth

Many massage studios rely on word of mouth because it’s one of the most effective ways to get your name out there. If a student has a great massage session, they’ll tell everyone they know about it.

Word of mouth may be the oldest, most reliable, and traditional way of marketing. Marketing people, as well as entrepreneurs, calls it as the most credible form of advertising. You can also use your massage studio newsletter to spread via word of mouth.


Because the people making the recommendation are putting their reputation on the line. And this is a direct link back to them if things don’t go well. Marketing professionals advise the following to generate more word-of-mouth:

  • Deliver beyond what is expected – people are sure to talk about your massage business if you exceed their expectations. This happens when you and your staff go beyond your duty in order to serve the customer.
  • Streamline the “beyond the duty” service – This is the WOW factor. How can you wow your students? Train your staff to deliver beyond what their duty entails. It ensures that your business does not depend on a single employee who generates the most word-of-mouth.
  • Make a statement – freebies are usually a great way to spread word-of-mouth. However, there are other things that could generate more recommendations. It can be the design of your yoga studio, how the temperature inside the studio is suitable for yoga, and the top-of-the-line amenities available at your studio.
  • Establish a budget – while word-of-mouth is always mistaken as a free kind of advertisement, there is still a need to allot some budget to go beyond what the customer expected. The important thing in word-of-mouth recommendations is that your yoga studio should not be overspending nor would it be under spending to secure a word-of-mouth recommendation.

2. Social Media

Most, if not everybody, is already on social media. It presents a free, proven successful way of letting your potential students about your massage business.

An effective marketing strategy will ensure that you are able to reach your target clients, let them know about your business philosophy and services, and the advantages you offer when it comes to improving or maintaining their health status.

You can even say that social media is the new word of mouth in the 21st century. Marketing through this medium also involves your customers sounding off their experience of availing your products and services.

This is very true for some social media platforms where users can leave reviews of the various establishment they tried.

The following are some recommendations to integrate social media in your marketing efforts:

  • Advertise on Facebook – businesses who want to ensure that their content will be viewed by their target audience should invest in Facebook ads. The social media giant confirmed in 2018 that it does not prioritize brand pages on its algorithm. Given that knowledge, it is time to allot a budget to advertise your massage business on Facebook. With millions of people on the platform, it is sure that the return of investment would be higher than what you initially invested for this marketing initiative.
  • Search for Customers on Twitter and Instagram – potential customers can also be found on social media platforms Twitter and Instagram. Looking through possible consumers can ensure that you can develop and shape your communication strategy more into what they are into. This method of social media marketing allows you to effectively communicate with them and convince them to avail of the services offered by your yoga studio. 
  • Know the ups-and-downs of each social media platforms – With Facebook and its trouble related to the Cambridge Analytica expose, many social media marketers were on the edge whether to recommend investing to market on the platform. However, many marketing professionals recommend that you invest on every social media platform that offer the best for your business. 

3. Coupons & Freebies

Use these sparingly and maybe only in the beginning. The first question you might have when talking about coupons is whether your business need it. The answer is yes. Coupons have been proven to be successful in building your brand and establishing customer loyalty. You can also look into Groupon for your massage business.Or even Classpass to see if it helps your massage practice.

However, couponing can only be effective if only it is well planned, sticks within your massage business’ budget, and has a clear marketing goal. Here are some recommendations when using coupons as a marketing tool:

  • Run small campaigns at the start – marketing professionals recommend that you start coupon marketing with diversified parameters like discounted products/services, discount value and type, and duration. They add that it is best to evaluate the success of this effort before expanding your initiative. 
  • Personalize your coupon – design, clear messaging, and a tempting call to action are the essential ingredients of an effective coupon. You should know by now that people usually buy with their eyes. As such it is a must to not only have a concise and easy to understand message, but also to present the coupon in an attractive design. In terms of the call to action, marketing experts recommend you should try to stay away from the usual “call now” and “shop right now” messaging. 

4. Getting Out in the Community

Partnering with a local business or organization can be a great boost to your business. Community marketing is defined as a strategy to engage your target audience in an active, non-intrusive prospect, and customer conversation. For a business, it offers the following benefits:

  • Connects existing consumers with potential customers; 
  • Connects prospect consumers with each other; 
  • Connects the business with customers to build customer loyalty; and 
  • Connects customers to customers to improve product adoption and satisfaction. 

There are several reasons businesses use community marketing. First, it costs less. Nike, Google, and Starbucks started using this strategy to grow their business. These businesses were able to grow by knowing what their customers need without spending too much on market research.

Community marketing allows businesses to directly communicate with their customers to improve their products and services. Second, loyalty is grown deeper when community marketing is used.

Customers feel more sense of belonging and the feeling of being understood when community marketing is utilized. A business that builds a community is able to create an emotional bond that ties the customer to your business.

Lastly, community marketing foster authenticity. Starbucks is one business that was able to harness the benefits of this strategy. The business started by offering an authentic coffee experience, but its boom led to the brand losing its individuality. However, it was with community marketing that it was able to tap and innovate itself without losing its authenticity.

5. Work with a Professional Marketing Firm

Professionals always know what to do. If you are new in the massage business or business in general, it is recommended that you work with a professional when developing the marketing side of your massage business. However, there are some things you need to know about marketing to take advantage of what it offers.

First, there are several kinds of marketing firms:

  • Telemarketing – these firms provide telephone-based marketing as it acts as a call center for your business. Telephone-based does not necessarily mean that only landline phones will be utilized by these firms. There are also telemarketing firms that have adopted calls to smartphones or text-based marketing. 
  • Marketing consultancy – these firms are not directly engaged in any marketing initiative. They are responsible for auditing your marketing plan and then offer suggestions to make it more successful.
  • Digital marketing – these marketing firms makes use of the Internet, including social media. These firms can help in building your website so that it could rank higher when people do online search queries. They are also capable of handling your social media marketing needs. Digital marketing agencies do the writing, designing, and producing of every communication material you need for your massage business.

Next, you should be informed of what to expect when working with a marketing firm. These agencies usually handle many clients.

However, they all treat their clients on the same level regardless of the size of the business. In terms of who you will be working with, expect that you will be coordinating with a team specializing working for your massage business.

Collaboration will still be a thing when working with a marketing agency. Expect that there would be daily meetings to ensure that they are delivering what you have envisioned your massage studio to be.

Marketing is Easy 🙂

Actually, we should say marketing is simple. Maybe not easy. While rolling out a marketing plan is hard work, marketing your massage business can be a breeze and more manageable if you know what you are doing.

Word of mouth advertising is perhaps the most dependable way to market your business. It allows you to depend on your existing customers to spread the word about the benefits of doing business with your massage studio.

The Internet made it easier to let people know more about your business. It made it easier to connect and attract potential customers. Additionally, it made it easier to learn more about the trends in marketing and the effective ways to do marketing without having a background in the field.

Massage Newsletter Ideas: 5 Things You Can Write About Today

Are you trying to come up with some ideas for your massage newsletter?

Keeping your audience coming back can be a challenge. Sharing a biweekly or monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your students engaged and encourages them to come back.

This article will focus on ideas for your massage studio’s newsletter. Specifically, it will discuss reasons for adopting a newsletter for your massage business, different trends in newsletter marketing, and ways to start your own newsletter.

What is a Newsletter?

A newsletter is a marketing tool first used back in the Roman times. Even back then, it was used as a way to inform customers of what is happening in a business. It allows customers to be aware of the products and/or services offered by the company, particularly new ones that would benefit existing and potential customers.

The “corantos” from the Dutch was the first reiteration of the modern newsletter. This medium was a single-page paper that contains items from foreign journals. It was published in the early 17th century and also came with English and French translations. In 1904, Roger W. Babson introduced a newsletter that focused on investments and called it the “Whaley-Eaton Report.”

Newsletters became a popular marketing tool with the arrival of modern computers. The availability of desktop publishing software made it easier for anyone to create a newsletter. This computer software enabled people to design their own newsletter according to the needs of their business.

Additionally, the advent of the Internet, email, and smartphones took away newsletters from the physical paper and made it easier to be received and read anytime, anywhere. It also made marketers more empowered. Given that number of possibilities when using email newsletter marketing, they are no longer bound by call-to-action messages.

Links to online stores or the official website can now be added to make it easier for the potential or existing customer to avail of what you offer.

Why Do You Need a Newsletter for Your Massage Business?

Most business implement marketing initiatives to make their brand more known by the public. The same goes with sending out newsletters.

Newsletters are defined as simple papers that offer special information, advice, opinions, and forecasts for a specific group of people. People in the marketing field gave several reasons for incorporating newsletters in your marketing efforts. They are the following:

It establishes a connection with your customers

Newsletters serve as a way to start or nurture a link between your massage studio location and your customers. Sending it out on a regular basis helps them to be attached to what your business offer. It can also make them realize the value you are offering to their health.

Marketing experts claimed that email newsletter marketing proved to be more effective compared to social media marketing. They explained it is because people normally read-through their emails compared to social media where most people spend only a short duration of their time.

Also, newsletters served as a regular reminder of the services and products offered by your business. For example, a potential client is reminded every time about your massage studio every time they see your email about your massage business.

Newsletters lead to more sales

Marketing executives always say that newsletter marketing is founded on the principle that money is in your list. This principle means that having list is an important part of achieving success in any business.

Businesses that have a list of clients they can court are those who were able to successful thrive through the years. They are able to do so as they have an infinite pool of customers they can attract into availing of their products and services. Your massage studio can also tap into this not-so-secret strategy in business.

A list of potential customers who you can email your newsletter will bring more possibilities of attracting massage therapists beyond what you initially imagined.

Creates and nurtures loyalty and trust

Customers feel more connected to a brand or business when they feel like they are part of the family. This means that businesses that goes beyond their duty and/or those that infuse personal to their products and services tend to have more brand loyalty. Newsletters, in a way, do just that.

This marketing tool offers specialized content, advice, opinions, and recommendations that benefit the client. Someone who regularly reads your massage studio’s newsletter would be more inclined to sign up if you are able to produce content that would help him/her venture into massage practice or if they are veteran practitioners, switch to your studio.

Increased chances of being shared

Newsletters, especially those sent through email, can be easily forwarded and shared among friends and family members. This feature of a newsletter is one of the advantages that comes with producing and sending out newsletters. It allows greater brand awareness outside your own list. It helps to get word out about the services and amenities offered in your massage studio.

Helpful in assessing effectiveness

Email newsletters are easy to determine whether the effort was short it or whether your marketing energy should be diverted into other strategies. With the abundance of tools available, it is easier to track whether people in your list opened your email, clicked on links incorporated within your email, or the rate of delivery of email newsletters.

Data obtained from these tools can form a pool full of the behavior and preferences of your potential or existing customers. These data can then be used to improve your efforts to better communicated and convinced people to avail of your services.

Trends in Newsletter Marketing

Trends in newsletter marketing should be what you should first research when developing a newsletter marketing strategy. It will allow you to harness the latest trends, as well as be aware of what should in and what should not be in your massage business’ newsletter. The following are some of the trends expected by marketing experts in the coming years:

1. More text and interactive email newsletters

Many marketing firms utilizing email marketing are using more text-only content in their emails. The reason behind its growing popularity is that many receivers have little patience over waiting for an image to load. Additionally, many are being very suspicious of emails containing too much images. Given their frustration over emails of this kind, they are more likely to report it as spam.

Interactive emails are another strategy big in email newsletter marketing in the coming years. This kind email newsletters keep the target audience engaged. This kind of strategy uses quizzes, surveys, and games to keep recipients entertained and likely to open your next email newsletter.

2. Greater amount of storytelling

Storytelling is beginning to be big in the world of marketing. Consumers tend to be more attached to a business that is able to relate a story to their business philosophy, and products and services it offers. People wants story they can relate to.

Newsletters that incorporate stories are able to connect and persuade consumers to avail of their services if they can feel the story imparted by the brand. Marketing professionals said that this kind of marketing strategy can be powerful in reaching each marketing segment or buyer persona.

3. Mobile-friendly

The world revolves around smartphones. With many depending on their mobile devices, it is only a given that your newsletter be developed, created, and intended to be viewed on any kind of screen. A survey found that 53% of emails opened were done using a smartphone. Google revealed that 75% of their users use their mobile app to browse through their email.

A mobile-friendly newsletter will make sure that your efforts are not wasted. Additionally, it allows anyone to view it regardless of the device they have at the moment they opened your email newsletter.

4. Privacy

The European Union started a trend towards protecting people from those who fray over their privacy on the Internet. With the General Data Protection Regulation being signed into law in 2018, it is expected that many states will follow suit.

People are also serious about privacy. With data breaches becoming a norm, many are starting to get scared to wonder online. It is best that your newsletter complies with laws and regulations on privacy to show customers how you value their privacy in your marketing efforts.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a big word in the near future. Email marketing will also take a bite of this technology to improve its processes and results. A VentureBeat article claimed that AI for marketing automation is expected to be big business in the coming years.

Adobe’s investment in this field is one great example. The established tech company was able to turn out an AI with sophisticated algorithms based on data and research from previous campaigns.

Where Do You Start?

Preparation is key when using newsletter marketing for the first time. You must ensure that all contents were proofread, there is a unique call-to-action message, and that it is readable on any kind of screen. However, where do you exactly start doing your newsletter? Here are some suggestions made by marketing professionals:

  • Set a goal – No effort starts without having a clear goal in hand. This goal is what will guide your progress and path in making a newsletter. It will dictate the newsletter’s content, design, and target audience. Marketing experts recommend that your goal be closely tied to your business objectives. They said that it should not be confined on how many would open the email or whether they will be clicking that link to avail of your massage studio’s services and amenities.
  • Develop the content – After goal-setting, you can move on to brainstorming the kind of content your newsletter will have. It will be the pillar and reason behind your newsletter. It will serve as a guide to future contents of your business’ regular sending of newsletters. Experts recommend adopting an active searching attitude when looking for engaging content for your newsletter.
  • Design and create your template – Content might be king, but customers buy with their eyes. People tend to open something or be drawn into it if it looks good. Marketing professionals recommend using minimal text and color formatting. They explained that a design following this principle makes it easier for the reader to browse through the newsletter. They also advise that email newsletter be mobile-friendly. A survey revealed that most people who reads an email newsletter do it using their smartphones.
  • Decide on a newsletter size – Newsletter size are at a default at 600px wide. However, an email newsletter this size is not easy to adjust depending on what screen your customer is reading it on. Marketing experts said it is best to check whether your newsletter is still readable and fits the 600px wide size. In terms of height, newsletters can be as high as you want it to be.
  • Add your content – This is the part where you fill your newsletter with words and pictures. There are two ways to approach this stage of preparing a newsletter. Some marketing professionals and business owners provide an introduction to articles they are sharing so that the reader will surely click on link provided. Others, however, fill their newsletter the whole content to save people time of waiting for another page to load. The ideal strategy on filling a newsletter depends on the kind of your target audience. You should assess whether they are the type who goes through a clickthrough or are they more of I’ll read the stuff you sent if it is presented in whole in front of me.
  • Add personalization tokens and smart content – Customers will feel more connected with your business if you give them some personalized service. The same philosophy should be applied when doing newsletters. Experts recommend grouping your list into people who have the same interests, goals or level in practicing yoga. Once grouped, it is when you personalize content for these people. Lastly, incorporate a smart content. These contents should set one group from the others.
  • Select your subject line and sender name – People tend to open an email if they a real name on the sender field. Professionals advise that businesspeople choose someone from the company whose name should appear on the email newsletter. In terms of picking the right subject line, experts recommend using something that has brevity and an immediately actionable call-worthy subject line.
  • Prepare alt and plain texts – This is a countermeasure at times when images in your email newsletter do not load. Alt texts is what your customer see when the image failed to load. Experts in newsletter making recommend incorporating alt texts especially when you have included a CTA as failure to include alt text will result to poor conversion.
  • Comply with the law – Newsletters too need to comply with law and regulations. There are two laws that significantly impact sending out newsletters. First is the CAN-SPAM or Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing. This rule requires business to include a footer in the email, as well as an easy way to unsubscribe from the list if they opt not to receive any in the future. GDPR is the second comprehensive privacy law that regulates email newsletters. This is a European law that mandates that email newsletters be sent only to those who manually opted to receive them.
  • Test your newsletter – To make sure that your newsletter is delivered in the way you wanted, it is best to test them first. Most people you’ll be sending these newsletters would be viewing it on different screens. Experts recommended testing be done in different email providers like Gmail and Outlook, and web browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.
  • Assess – After sending out your newsletters, evaluating its effectiveness is the next logical step. Technology has been tracking easier and more efficient. There are various tools available for marketing professionals to know how many clicks originated from your newsletter, whether recipients opened the newsletter, and other metrics.

Newsletter is a Must

You might think that newsletter is outdated in the age of social media. However, it still is a great tool in any marketing effort.

Newsletter offers several benefits from being a link between your massage business and clients, and maintaining relationships to build trust and loyalty. Additionally, resorting to newsletter marketing allows you to easily assess whether you were able to achieve what you wanted from this effort.

The abundance of tools made it easier for any business or marketing professional to gauge whether the initiative was a success or areas where improvement is necessary to achieve desired results. In conclusion, you should really try out sending out newsletters to your existing or potential customers.

It does not only put your massage business out there, but also creates a bond between you and your consumers.

9 Best Plants For Massage Rooms and Studios

Are you looking for the best plants to enhance the look and feel of your massage studio? Plants offer so many benefits to any massage room. In this article, we’ll cover why you’ll want to keep plants around and we’ll look at a list of the best plants for your studio. As you think about your massage studio design, look for ways to tuck these plants in the rooms.

I know that indoor plants can help purify air, but they also calm and sooth people in their presence.

NASA did research with plants back in the day and they noticed that plants do absorb many toxins from the air. They were looking for plants that would help sustain life in outer space. So they were looking more for plants that can absorb one thing to produce more oxygen.

Dr. Bill Wolverton worked with NASA for 19 years to study plants that clean the air. He has since moved on and created air purifying planters.

Other Uses for Plants in the Studio

Keeping plants in your studio is a great way to make your studio fee cozier and more inviting. They also do well to help remove other toxins in the home. Not to mention that they give off great amounts of oxygen.

Overall, they just make things a little brighter and fresher for the home.

Here are some popular plants to choose from:

Areca Palm

Or the butterfly palm is a great plant that also removes toxins from the air. It does well in the dryer areas since it puts out a larger amount of water vapor than most plants do.

In fact, this transpiration effect is what makes the plants great at removing toxins from the air. The more they transpire, the faster they pull air down to the root area and this pulls toxins down with it.

Areca palm 1.jpg

By Mokkie – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Snake Plant

The snake plant is another easy to care for plant that does well inside. The snake plant is especially great to have in or around your bedroom because it gives off more oxygen at night than most plants do. This will do well to help you sleep better and get more oxygen in your room.

These are very easy to keep in your homes. If you go a few weeks without remembering to water them, they’ll still look good. But you might not want to do that. And if you want to create more, you can divide the plant at the root and it will propagate new plants.

These are slow growing plants, so they are super easy to maintain. Since they are slow growing, you also don’t have to worry about pruning them back either.

Snake Plant I.jpg

By Karl Thomas Moore – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Bamboo Palm

This plant does well in indirect sun in your home and scored third on the list of abilities to remove toxins the fastest. It also likes moderately warm rooms, so anywhere that will get good afternoon sun will do well for it. These plants also like a little sandy soil and are really easy to care for.

The indoor plant can be susceptible to mealy bugs so you’ll want to take care that they don’t get infected. These plants do better with moist soil, but not wet so let them drain well and you’ll do fine.

They will reach for the sun, so you’ll want to turn the pot every few months to let it get more rounded while growing.

Chamaedorea seifrizii7.jpg

By KENPEI – KENPEI’s photo, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Rubber Plant (ficus robusta)

This is a great plant that is just hardy and resilient. If you’re like me, then it will be easy to keep it alive in your home. In the wild, it can grow super long, as long as 100 feet. Luckily, when growing it in the home, it will only grow as big as you let it. These plants like a lot of indirect light in your home.

Make sure you can set it near windows that let in a lot of light, but don’t let it get direct light on it. Their structures and colorings are just beautiful and each one will look vastly different from another.

These are the same plants that they will grow to make actual rubber with. The sap from the plant is what goes into making rubber that we use in everyday items like hoses, belts, matting, and flooring.

Boston Fern

You usually see these plants in a hanging pot. They love indirect sunlight so keeping them in a rooms with plenty of windows will be key. The other big thing for these is that they really like moisture.

Since most of our homes are dry, especially during the winter, you can spray mist them a couple times a week. My aunt use to take hers in the bathroom while she showered.

Boston Fern (2873392811).png

By Homer Edward Price Boston Fern

Uploaded by Amada44, CC BY 2.0, Link

Lady Palm

The lady palm is great for indoor plant because they grow slowly, so you don’t have to do much to maintain them. They require warmer temperatures and moist soil to thrive best.

Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens, Lady Palm Rhapis excelsa

Peace Lily

The peace lily is super adaptable to any home so it’s a great one to add to your plant protection team. During the spring, you’ll see the white blooms. These lovely blooms will last for a couple of months. If the plant is really well cared for, then you might even see a bloom in the fall with them.

These plants will only get up to about 24 inches so they’re great for the indoors. These plants require little light and are fine with rooms with no windows at all.  They actually can burn in direct sun and you’ll notice that the leaves will turn brown if it gets too much sun.

You can tell when it needs water because the leaves will start to droop a little. This is a great indicator of when to water it.

Peace lily (35022572422)

English Ivy

Like the peace lily and the rubber plant, the English ivy is one of few that has some varying color which makes this a popular plant to keep in your home. You’ll want to water it enough to keep the soil moist, but that’s about all you have to worry about for caring for it.

They are very good climbers and can easily take over an area if you’re not careful. This is why you’ll want to be careful with letting the plant grow outside your home. If it’s not maintained, then it can completely overtake an area quickly.

But as in a pot, in your home, it will do well to keep in your home.

Hedera helix juvenile leaves.jpg

By MurielBendel – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Dwarf Date Palm

Also known as pygmy date palms, these are from the palm family and can get between 6 and 12 feet tall if you let them. As with most of the plants on this list, they prefer indirect sun. You’ll do best to keep them in bright rooms. They also like well drained pots with moist soil.

As they outgrow their pots, you’ll want to repot them every two to three years in larger pots that can handle their growth.

When they bloom, you’ll see little, yellow flowers that will turn into purplish dates.

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Although you’ll find a lot of people on either side of the aisle on if the plants protect you from radiation, they’re still worth looking at to have them in your home. For no other reason than to just enjoy some of nature in your home.

Stuck on Massage Prices? 7 Ways to Figure Out How Much Should You Charge This Year

When you’re first getting started with your massage business, one of the first things you’ll research is how much to charge for your massage sessions.

The national average for massages is $40-80/hour. Of course this depends on location, type of massage, and if you’re mobile.

In this article, we’ll cover a few different ways you can calculate how much to charge and we’ll discuss some ideas for experimenting later one. This should give you the best pricing structure for your massage studio.

So you’ve figured out where you want to open your massage studio, you’ve successfully figured out a massage studio name, and now you want to figure out how much you want to make per session.

A lot is going to depend on how much your paying at your massage studio, so you’ll definitely want to get a studio location as inexpensively as you can. Every dollar you save on studio expenses is a dollar you don’t have to worry about having to make in the beginning.

Before we look at the different pricing models and considerations, I want to briefly talk about your worth.

Know your worth.

For some of us it’s difficult to come up with a pricing model because we feel like everyone should receive the benefits of massage and start to feel smarmy about wanting to charge for it. Please don’t do that to yourself. The more you’re able to charge and stay in business, the more people you’re able to help. So don’t be afraid to look at your pricing.

There are a few different ways you can calculate your costs. Some of the popular ways to look at charging are:

Market based – A lot of new massage therapists look at the area and see what everyone else is charging for their sessions. The problem with this is many people you’re looking have have likely been in business for years and have worked they pricing in over the years. They might have more experience and a following that they can command a higher class price.

The opposite side of the coin might also be true. You might be looking at other instructors who are valuing their time correctly and might be under charging.

What many will do is start off their services by doing an average of the top 5 massage therapists around and choose that as their first session pricing. The good thing about pricing is you can always start low to get people coming to your studio, then you can test price increases until you’re happy with the price structure that you’re offering.

Ideally, you are making a good profit off each session and the days are filling up at a comfortable level.

Value based

Know your costs – Get out a spreadsheet and figure out the line items for each direct cost your studio has. This includes everything that you’re paying money out to someone. Include rent/lease, utilities, software, products, etc. Once you know how much is going out, you can figure out how many sessions you need to do a month and how much you want to make for each session per month.

Cost plus pricing – once you figure out your monthly costs and how many sessions you can realistically perform each month, look at adding a percentage to your costs and this will become your mark up for the sessions.

When your first steering it, you need to get people talking about your studio. To do that they need to take classes. One of the easiest ready to get them to try out your studio is to offer a lot introductory offer. Make it 2-5 sessions at a discount to give them a chance to test your studio out to see if they can become huge fans of you’re massages and they’ll come back.

Sessions Packs with A Limit

A great way to offer sessions for someone who might not be ready to go unlimited or want to become a member yet is to offer sessions pack. 5 or 10 sessions for a set price. The bundles will be 10-20% cheaper than the normal rate, depending on how many they buy. The important thing about this is you can and should set an expiration date on the sessions if you can.

Monthly membership

Your can start ordering a monthly membership to see how many regulars your can get for your studio.

The monthly would likely be a feasible number at a reasonable price. Consider something like $50 for a monthly massage or $90 a month for two.

The members will also have discounts on any drinks or products that you sell. Don’t discount too much that your losing money, but 5 or 10% on products should be good to be members benefits.

With membership discounts, you could also let your members bring a friend for discount on for their first visit. This should help you grow your practice by letting them bring a massage buddy along so they can see if they like your massages.

While we’re talking about referrals. Look at offering a referral program where they get so much of a discount for every referral they send your way. This can be helpful incentive to your biggest fans. But many of them will do it even without a discount if they love your studio.


This is such a great solution. It sounds scary because everyone thinks that when they offer unlimited that they’ll be packed and not making much money.

This is great for people with chronic pain and issues who need monthly plans. Deep Tissue massage offers $280 for unlimited massage and suggests only scheduling 2 sessions at a time since most don’t keep their commitments for anything longer than that.

The truth is, people like a good deal and it’s similar to buffets. Many have lives and other commitments that they won’t come all the time. But the value that they feel they are getting will keep them paying the unlimited price.

It’s also a great way to normalize your cash flow. You’ll have a better understanding of how many people will be coming to your sessions.

Now certain software will let your members sign up.

To get people into your studio, combine the introductory offer with a mini membership

Offer then unlimited for a month at a nice discount. A month works be enough time for them to see how awesome your studio is that they’ll want to commit to the longer membership.

Drop ins

Drop ins should not be the ultimate goal for your massage studio. You definitely want to offer them for those who just need a one off massage, but your ultimate goal is to get people to commit to more sessions each month. Meaning, you want to worry about fewer people coming more often to your studio each week.

That being said, work out a higher drop in rate that will encourage class attendees to look at one of your other package deals that will make them feel like they are getting a good deal by coming more often.

The reason for this is if you have nothing but drop ins, then you never know how many people will be coming to any of your sessions and it makes it more difficult to plan for your week and month. You also are looking to create loyal participants.

You need to give them an incentive to commit to coming to your studio more than once. Your whole goal is to encourage them to become a member.

To do that, you need to make your drop-in hurt them a little to pay it. That means if your drop-in is $12 and your 5 pack or 10 pack class is only $11 a class, that’s not enough of an incentive for them to commit to more classes.

You have to look at your business and if it’s not thriving, then you’re not serving your community. If you’re stressing about keeping ends meet, then you’ll definitely burn out. So structure your classes in a way that will honor you, your business, and your students


Another option is to offer packaged sessons. Think off something like 4 monthly massages that focus on a pain area. This is helpful to sell the packaged deal where they are expected to come to all of them and pay for all of them to front. Your can price it on value at $200-300 for those sessions.

Corporate Pricing

Corporate pricing is similar to monthly prices, but you’ll negotiate your fees for their employees for you to come onsite and teach them at the company grounds.

If you setup the negotiations properly then you can look to offer ongoing massage sessions at a set time and just charge a particular amount per week for the company.

The main difference with corporate is you get ongoing sessions and more stable pricing with the corporate offers.

Online Software

So once you look at the different ways to price your sessions, you can look at the different software that lets you easily setup your classes and memberships. Then you can encourage people to sign up online and they will be automatically billed so you don’t have to bug them for payments.

I’ve outlined the most popular ways to look at pricing. Just remember to start with something, anything so you can get going with your massage studio and don’t be afraid to change things up if their not working.

Massage Business Name Ideas: What Should You Name Your Massage Business?

Choosing your massage clinic name is important for your success. If you choose something difficult for people to remember and you’ll have a hard time getting business. It would also be difficult to change it later.

Ideally, you’ll pick something that can be meaningful and catchy. Something that people can identify with. It will be a name that you’ll have for a long time, so take your time in figuring it out.

And since we live in the internet age, you’ll definitely want to find a name that will work with your web address as well.

In this article, I’ll cover a few things to help you pick the perfect massage clinic name so you can start you business soon.

Location in Name

Once you decide on where to open your massage studio, you’ll want to decide if you want to put the city or region in your name.

For instance, would you want to be known as something like Miami Massage Studio or Florida Massage Studio? Is the location important to you?

Some reasons that this might be a good idea are that it could be easier for people to find you when they are searching for a massage studio in their area. You might also be able to rank higher since you’ll have a physical location to tell Google My Business and Facebook Page.

Some reasons that you might not want to have location in your name. Will you ever consider moving to another place? If so, you’d have to create a whole new business name for that. Also, would you ever go online or become a mobile massage therapist? If so, then location wouldn’t matter, but it might confuse your new class attendees.

Use Your Name

You could choose to use a variation of your name in your business. You wouldn’t have to worry about moving and needing to change this. It would be meaningful to you and you might have an easier time to brand your name in your business.

However, would you always be the face of the business? Do you ever want to grow the business past just being you? If so, having your name might make it difficult to grow and let other people run the business when the time comes.

If you ever took your business online or decided to sell the business, then it being tied to your name would also be difficult to sell.

Meaningful Words

Is there a word combination that means something to you? Many massage therapists have a mantra or a keyword combination that they identify with and they want to use it for their business.

You can do this and it’s perfectly acceptable. The biggest challenge will be to make sure that it’s not already taken if it’s something that you know if pretty popular.

There are some ways to figure out if something is already taken or is trademarked. You can check the name you want against the Trademark database. Just do a quick search and see if you can find any hits in there.

Now that we’ve talked about some popular aspects to consider when coming up with your business name, you also want to do some research to figure out if you can also get the web address for your name.

Then, you’ll want to check the trademark database to make sure you’re not infringing on someone else’s trademark.

Now I want to talk about some things to consider for the web address of your business name.

Make it a .com Name

People still remember the .com version of web addresses. So even though you might find a .net version, try to go with the .com version if you can.

And I know they now have a .massage extension that you can use. But really you want to go with .com if you can. It’s just too easy for people to automatically add .com to anything that they hear anyway.

And I’ll share a few tools later to help with this process too.

Leave Room to Grow

As you think about your massage business name, you might be tempted to name it with a specific massage type. This can be limiting to your future growth. Maybe you only offer that now, but will you ever expand into other styles later?

Try to keep the overall naming convention more broad so you can easily move into these other areas when the time comes.

Keep it Short

Although this is mainly for your online name, you’ll still want to keep the business name short. This will help people remember your name. It’s also easier to share online with others. You’ll want to shoot for 12-15 characters and the shorter the better.

Don’t Make it Hard to Spell

I know there is a trend with startups to create these crazy names like Lyft, Flickr, and many others are looking to be the next big tech company. But trying to get people to remember how to spell their business name can be better used on something else.

Avoid Hyphens in Your Domain Name

When picking your domain name, avoid hyphens. It makes it so difficult for people to remember and hyphen domains can come across as spammy to people. So try to find a unique name without the dashes.

Help in Picking Your Name

Up until now, we’ve discussed things to consider adding or keeping in your name. So how do you pick that wonderful name from the top of your head? You might have had an idea of what you wanted to call your business already. And that’s great. If so, you can just check to see if your idea is already taken.

The great thing about the following sites is they can help you adjust your idea if it’s already taken or they can help you come up with an idea from scratch.

Be ready to spend some time on this. It can be fun to look for your name. Use it like a treasure hunt.

Here are a few online resources to help you pick out your name.

Panabee – this has been my favorite go to for a long time. If you have a couple of words to start with, just enter them and Panabee will mix and match to find a perfect name for you. It will also let you know if the .com version of your name if available.

NameVine has been my goto lately because I might not have two words to start with so I just put in my main topic and let NameVine come up with popular name combos. Honestly, I used this for my

I like NameVine because it will show you if any social media profile names are used for your idea as well. If some are already chosen, it’s not a deal breaker, you’ll just have to decide if that social media profile is important. For instance, if Pinterest was already taken for massageloop, I would have still gotten the name because I can just modify it a bit for Pinterest.

Namechk will check your ideas for availability for the .com or other extensions that you might want.

Final Word

Figuring out the best massage studio name that will work throughout your business is important and can be a fun process. I hope this article helps you come up with your favorite name for your massage studio.

Let us know in the comments what you come up with and why. We’d love to hear yours.