Massage Insurance: Therapists – Are You Covered?

As a massage therapist, do you have massage insurance?  If you do, is it sufficient?  One of the first massage business set up steps is getting massage insurance. Therapists: what should you ask massage insurance providers When you are there shopping around for massage insurance, create a list of all the providers you plan on talking to […]

Using Facebook Pages and other Social Media Platforms for Your Massage Practice

Facebook might be popular for poking, reconnecting with family and friends, and sharing cute photos of your pet. However, marketing professionals saw its potential as a tool that could help businesses in the long run. Social media platforms like Facebook welcome hundred of thousands of visitors a day. Given the number of people using the […]

Things to Know Before Creating a Website for Your Massage Practice

People are focusing more on their health nowadays. Also, most are turning to the Internet to research on which diet, exercise, or any regimen that might work for them. Your massage practice can take a bite of this trend. A full dedicated website for your massage practice is just as important as choosing the right […]

Massage Marketing Ideas: 7 Ways to Market Your Massage Business

Setting up a business is one thing. Getting clients to come to your studio is another. But there are several ways to market your massage business. Additionally, there are a million tools you can use to reach your target audience. In this article, we’ll discuss a few effective ways you can market your massage business. […]

Massage Newsletter Ideas: 5 Things You Can Write About Today

Are you trying to come up with some ideas for your massage newsletter? Keeping your audience coming back can be a challenge. Sharing a biweekly or monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your students engaged and encourages them to come back. This article will focus on ideas for your massage studio’s newsletter. Specifically, […]

Stuck on Massage Prices? 7 Ways to Figure Out How Much Should You Charge This Year

When you’re first getting started with your massage business, one of the first things you’ll research is how much to charge for your massage sessions. The national average for massages is $40-80/hour. Of course this depends on location, type of massage, and if you’re mobile. In this article, we’ll cover a few different ways you […]

Massage Business Name Ideas: What Should You Name Your Massage Business?

Choosing your massage clinic name is important for your success. If you choose something difficult for people to remember and you’ll have a hard time getting business. It would also be difficult to change it later. Ideally, you’ll pick something that can be meaningful and catchy. Something that people can identify with. It will be […]