Setting up a business is one thing. Getting clients to come to your studio is another. But there are several ways to market your massage business. Additionally, there are a million tools you can use to reach your target audience.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few effective ways you can market your massage business. It will discuss the reason behind the need to do marketing, and the various options available for your businesses in the 21st century.

What is Marketing?

Marketing, as defined by the American Marketing Association, is an activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, and delivering offerings that have value for customers, clients and the society.

In short, marketing expert Regis McKenna concluded that marketing is everything. Peter Drucker, another marketing guru, supported McKenna’s definition of marketing.

Furthermore, he added that it is an essential part of business. He explained that it is the whole business seen from the viewpoint of the final result from the customer’s perspective. He added that with its importance, concern and responsibility for marketing should permeate all areas of the business.

People new to marketing should not confuse it with sales. These two are two distinct functions. A successful and effective marketing effort is what leads to realizing great sales.

The purpose of marketing is to be the voice of market so that the original idea for a product or service would not be lost in the process of introducing it to the market.

Marketing research is another term that must be clearly defined. It is a process where the marketer gathers information that would like a service or a product to the customer, consumer, and the public.

It makes use of information-based strategies to get the attention of a target group. This information would then be utilized to make a marketing strategy.

Marketing is an essential part of running a business. It is the process that introduces your business including products or services you offer to your target consumers. As stated earlier, marketing done the right way translates to achieving your ideal sales target.

Why Market Your Massage Business?

Marketing allows the public to know more about what you do and what you have to offer. It is a way for you to educate them on why availing of your massage business will reap benefits for their health and well-being. In short, it is essential to attracting customers, convincing them to make a purchase, and allows you to run your business efficiently.

The team behind the marketing effort leads the roll out of a new product or service. They are in-charge of preparing needed communication tools and strategies, and identifying specific markets and customers.

Marketing is not only limited to the introduction of new products or services and attracting potential customers. It also extends to those loyal ones who have been with you since day one.

The Different Ways to Market Your Massage Business

Running a health-related business offers a million ways to effectively communicate to your potential customers. Health is among the most prioritized areas of life. People are generally more open to trying out things to improve or maintain their optimal well-being. As a massage therapist, there are a million ways for you to market your business. Here are some of the following ideas you can pick up:

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1. Word of Mouth

Many massage studios rely on word of mouth because it’s one of the most effective ways to get your name out there. If a student has a great massage session, they’ll tell everyone they know about it.

Word of mouth may be the oldest, most reliable, and traditional way of marketing. Marketing people, as well as entrepreneurs, calls it as the most credible form of advertising. You can also use your massage studio newsletter to spread via word of mouth.


Because the people making the recommendation are putting their reputation on the line. And this is a direct link back to them if things don’t go well. Marketing professionals advise the following to generate more word-of-mouth:

  • Deliver beyond what is expected – people are sure to talk about your massage business if you exceed their expectations. This happens when you and your staff go beyond your duty in order to serve the customer.
  • Streamline the “beyond the duty” service – This is the WOW factor. How can you wow your students? Train your staff to deliver beyond what their duty entails. It ensures that your business does not depend on a single employee who generates the most word-of-mouth.
  • Make a statement – freebies are usually a great way to spread word-of-mouth. However, there are other things that could generate more recommendations. It can be the design of your yoga studio, how the temperature inside the studio is suitable for yoga, and the top-of-the-line amenities available at your studio.
  • Establish a budget – while word-of-mouth is always mistaken as a free kind of advertisement, there is still a need to allot some budget to go beyond what the customer expected. The important thing in word-of-mouth recommendations is that your yoga studio should not be overspending nor would it be under spending to secure a word-of-mouth recommendation.

2. Social Media

Most, if not everybody, is already on social media. It presents a free, proven successful way of letting your potential students about your massage business.

An effective marketing strategy will ensure that you are able to reach your target clients, let them know about your business philosophy and services, and the advantages you offer when it comes to improving or maintaining their health status.

You can even say that social media is the new word of mouth in the 21st century. Marketing through this medium also involves your customers sounding off their experience of availing your products and services.

This is very true for some social media platforms where users can leave reviews of the various establishment they tried.

The following are some recommendations to integrate social media in your marketing efforts:

  • Advertise on Facebook – businesses who want to ensure that their content will be viewed by their target audience should invest in Facebook ads. The social media giant confirmed in 2018 that it does not prioritize brand pages on its algorithm. Given that knowledge, it is time to allot a budget to advertise your massage business on Facebook. With millions of people on the platform, it is sure that the return of investment would be higher than what you initially invested for this marketing initiative.
  • Search for Customers on Twitter and Instagram – potential customers can also be found on social media platforms Twitter and Instagram. Looking through possible consumers can ensure that you can develop and shape your communication strategy more into what they are into. This method of social media marketing allows you to effectively communicate with them and convince them to avail of the services offered by your yoga studio. 
  • Know the ups-and-downs of each social media platforms – With Facebook and its trouble related to the Cambridge Analytica expose, many social media marketers were on the edge whether to recommend investing to market on the platform. However, many marketing professionals recommend that you invest on every social media platform that offer the best for your business. 
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3. Coupons & Freebies

Use these sparingly and maybe only in the beginning. The first question you might have when talking about coupons is whether your business need it. The answer is yes. Coupons have been proven to be successful in building your brand and establishing customer loyalty. You can also look into Groupon for your massage business.Or even Classpass to see if it helps your massage practice.

However, couponing can only be effective if only it is well planned, sticks within your massage business’ budget, and has a clear marketing goal. Here are some recommendations when using coupons as a marketing tool:

  • Run small campaigns at the start – marketing professionals recommend that you start coupon marketing with diversified parameters like discounted products/services, discount value and type, and duration. They add that it is best to evaluate the success of this effort before expanding your initiative. 
  • Personalize your coupon – design, clear messaging, and a tempting call to action are the essential ingredients of an effective coupon. You should know by now that people usually buy with their eyes. As such it is a must to not only have a concise and easy to understand message, but also to present the coupon in an attractive design. In terms of the call to action, marketing experts recommend you should try to stay away from the usual “call now” and “shop right now” messaging. 

4. Getting Out in the Community

Partnering with a local business or organization can be a great boost to your business. Community marketing is defined as a strategy to engage your target audience in an active, non-intrusive prospect, and customer conversation. For a business, it offers the following benefits:

  • Connects existing consumers with potential customers; 
  • Connects prospect consumers with each other; 
  • Connects the business with customers to build customer loyalty; and 
  • Connects customers to customers to improve product adoption and satisfaction. 

There are several reasons businesses use community marketing. First, it costs less. Nike, Google, and Starbucks started using this strategy to grow their business. These businesses were able to grow by knowing what their customers need without spending too much on market research.

Community marketing allows businesses to directly communicate with their customers to improve their products and services. Second, loyalty is grown deeper when community marketing is used.

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Customers feel more sense of belonging and the feeling of being understood when community marketing is utilized. A business that builds a community is able to create an emotional bond that ties the customer to your business.

Lastly, community marketing foster authenticity. Starbucks is one business that was able to harness the benefits of this strategy. The business started by offering an authentic coffee experience, but its boom led to the brand losing its individuality. However, it was with community marketing that it was able to tap and innovate itself without losing its authenticity.

5. Work with a Professional Marketing Firm

Professionals always know what to do. If you are new in the massage business or business in general, it is recommended that you work with a professional when developing the marketing side of your massage business. However, there are some things you need to know about marketing to take advantage of what it offers.

First, there are several kinds of marketing firms:

  • Telemarketing – these firms provide telephone-based marketing as it acts as a call center for your business. Telephone-based does not necessarily mean that only landline phones will be utilized by these firms. There are also telemarketing firms that have adopted calls to smartphones or text-based marketing. 
  • Marketing consultancy – these firms are not directly engaged in any marketing initiative. They are responsible for auditing your marketing plan and then offer suggestions to make it more successful.
  • Digital marketing – these marketing firms makes use of the Internet, including social media. These firms can help in building your website so that it could rank higher when people do online search queries. They are also capable of handling your social media marketing needs. Digital marketing agencies do the writing, designing, and producing of every communication material you need for your massage business.

Next, you should be informed of what to expect when working with a marketing firm. These agencies usually handle many clients.

However, they all treat their clients on the same level regardless of the size of the business. In terms of who you will be working with, expect that you will be coordinating with a team specializing working for your massage business.

Collaboration will still be a thing when working with a marketing agency. Expect that there would be daily meetings to ensure that they are delivering what you have envisioned your massage studio to be.

Marketing is Easy 🙂

Actually, we should say marketing is simple. Maybe not easy. While rolling out a marketing plan is hard work, marketing your massage business can be a breeze and more manageable if you know what you are doing.

Word of mouth advertising is perhaps the most dependable way to market your business. It allows you to depend on your existing customers to spread the word about the benefits of doing business with your massage studio.

The Internet made it easier to let people know more about your business. It made it easier to connect and attract potential customers. Additionally, it made it easier to learn more about the trends in marketing and the effective ways to do marketing without having a background in the field.

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