Choosing your massage clinic name is important for your success. If you choose something difficult for people to remember and you’ll have a hard time getting business. It would also be difficult to change it later.

Ideally, you’ll pick something that can be meaningful and catchy. Something that people can identify with. It will be a name that you’ll have for a long time, so take your time in figuring it out.

And since we live in the internet age, you’ll definitely want to find a name that will work with your web address as well.

In this article, I’ll cover a few things to help you pick the perfect massage clinic name so you can start you business soon.

Location in Name

Once you decide on where to open your massage studio, you’ll want to decide if you want to put the city or region in your name.

For instance, would you want to be known as something like Miami Massage Studio or Florida Massage Studio? Is the location important to you?

Some reasons that this might be a good idea are that it could be easier for people to find you when they are searching for a massage studio in their area. You might also be able to rank higher since you’ll have a physical location to tell Google My Business and Facebook Page.

Some reasons that you might not want to have location in your name. Will you ever consider moving to another place? If so, you’d have to create a whole new business name for that. Also, would you ever go online or become a mobile massage therapist? If so, then location wouldn’t matter, but it might confuse your new class attendees.

Use Your Name

You could choose to use a variation of your name in your business. You wouldn’t have to worry about moving and needing to change this. It would be meaningful to you and you might have an easier time to brand your name in your business.

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However, would you always be the face of the business? Do you ever want to grow the business past just being you? If so, having your name might make it difficult to grow and let other people run the business when the time comes.

If you ever took your business online or decided to sell the business, then it being tied to your name would also be difficult to sell.

Meaningful Words

Is there a word combination that means something to you? Many massage therapists have a mantra or a keyword combination that they identify with and they want to use it for their business.

You can do this and it’s perfectly acceptable. The biggest challenge will be to make sure that it’s not already taken if it’s something that you know if pretty popular.

There are some ways to figure out if something is already taken or is trademarked. You can check the name you want against the Trademark database. Just do a quick search and see if you can find any hits in there.

Now that we’ve talked about some popular aspects to consider when coming up with your business name, you also want to do some research to figure out if you can also get the web address for your name.

Then, you’ll want to check the trademark database to make sure you’re not infringing on someone else’s trademark.

Now I want to talk about some things to consider for the web address of your business name.

Make it a .com Name

People still remember the .com version of web addresses. So even though you might find a .net version, try to go with the .com version if you can.

And I know they now have a .massage extension that you can use. But really you want to go with .com if you can. It’s just too easy for people to automatically add .com to anything that they hear anyway.

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And I’ll share a few tools later to help with this process too.

Leave Room to Grow

As you think about your massage business name, you might be tempted to name it with a specific massage type. This can be limiting to your future growth. Maybe you only offer that now, but will you ever expand into other styles later?

Try to keep the overall naming convention more broad so you can easily move into these other areas when the time comes.

Keep it Short

Although this is mainly for your online name, you’ll still want to keep the business name short. This will help people remember your name. It’s also easier to share online with others. You’ll want to shoot for 12-15 characters and the shorter the better.

Don’t Make it Hard to Spell

I know there is a trend with startups to create these crazy names like Lyft, Flickr, and many others are looking to be the next big tech company. But trying to get people to remember how to spell their business name can be better used on something else.

Avoid Hyphens in Your Domain Name

When picking your domain name, avoid hyphens. It makes it so difficult for people to remember and hyphen domains can come across as spammy to people. So try to find a unique name without the dashes.

Help in Picking Your Name

Up until now, we’ve discussed things to consider adding or keeping in your name. So how do you pick that wonderful name from the top of your head? You might have had an idea of what you wanted to call your business already. And that’s great. If so, you can just check to see if your idea is already taken.

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The great thing about the following sites is they can help you adjust your idea if it’s already taken or they can help you come up with an idea from scratch.

Be ready to spend some time on this. It can be fun to look for your name. Use it like a treasure hunt.

Here are a few online resources to help you pick out your name.

Panabee – this has been my favorite go to for a long time. If you have a couple of words to start with, just enter them and Panabee will mix and match to find a perfect name for you. It will also let you know if the .com version of your name if available.

NameVine has been my goto lately because I might not have two words to start with so I just put in my main topic and let NameVine come up with popular name combos. Honestly, I used this for my

I like NameVine because it will show you if any social media profile names are used for your idea as well. If some are already chosen, it’s not a deal breaker, you’ll just have to decide if that social media profile is important. For instance, if Pinterest was already taken for massageloop, I would have still gotten the name because I can just modify it a bit for Pinterest.

Namechk will check your ideas for availability for the .com or other extensions that you might want.

Final Word

Figuring out the best massage studio name that will work throughout your business is important and can be a fun process. I hope this article helps you come up with your favorite name for your massage studio.

Let us know in the comments what you come up with and why. We’d love to hear yours.

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  1. Hi Christina, thanks for mentioning Namevine! I’m Mike, the person who built and operates the tool, I’m very pleased it has helped you out with YogaCaster and continues to be useful.

    I’ve got a second project in the works — “Logocaster” (funny coincidence, eh?). It is still early in development, but it is meant to be a quick, fun and easy tool like Namevine, except to help entrepreneurs like you design a logo. It’s currently free, though still needs some work before being able to “cast” a slick logo like yours.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Mike,

      That sounds like an awesome tool. I’ll be doing an article on how to easily create a logo for your yoga studio. Would love to showcase your new project as well. Thanks! Christina

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