Things to Know Before Creating a Website for Your Massage Practice

People are focusing more on their health nowadays. Also, most are turning to the Internet to research on which diet, exercise, or any regimen that might work for them. Your massage practice can take a bite of this trend.

A full dedicated website for your massage practice is just as important as choosing the right massage location. A proper website is still needed even when you are engaged in a massive social media marketing effort.

This article will focus on important contents that must appear on a massage therapist’s website. It will also highlight recommended templates for your business and trends in designing a website for a massage practice.

Things That Should Be in a Massage Therapist Website

Having a website should not end in putting all the pictures you can take into the website. It must also contain all the necessary information your potential student needs to know. Remember that people visiting your massage therapist’s website.

Veteran massage practice owners and website designers recommend the following must-have content on your own site:
Contact details

Most people no longer use phone directories to find which local business offer the service they need. A research found that many use the Internet to locate someone who can help them with their needs. Given this fact, you should use your website to inform them on ways to know more about you, where to find you, and how can they call you if they have any further questions.

Services offered

Potential students are not only convinced by your credentials and experience. They also need to know whether classes you offer suits them. With this in mind, it is essential that your massage practice’s website contains details on every session you offer at the massage practice. Each should give them a glimpse of how you conduct sessions, its level of difficulty, and feedback from your existing students.

Your website will serve as your front-end “sales person.” It would be great if your potential students can have a glimpse of what your studio look like. This is the part where photos of your massage practice come handy. The website should have a dedicated section simply for showcasing the beauty of your studio. It is essential as it can give your potential clients a feel on whether they will feel at ease in your classes and the kind of place you have.
Your credentials

No one wants a service from someone who they know is not properly trained nor experienced in a certain field. Given that, your massage therapist site should include a section that details of the work you have done in practicing massage therapy. It is also great if you can post a list of training that you and/or your other therapists’ training, previous jobs, and certification.

A lead form in your website is an easy way for your potential clients to connect with you. With massage being one of the most preferred way to find balance in life while achieving ideal weight, it is best to stand out from the competition. A form that is easy to understand, fill-up, and got all the boxes where you can reach out to your potential student should be a staple on your massage practice’s website.

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Recommended Designs for a Massage Practice Website

When picking a design for your website, you should first consider whether it can easily adjust to any kind of screen. Many marketing professionals and website designers emphasize the importance of a website capable of fitting any kind of screen size. It is because there is a growing number of people viewing websites on their mobile devices.

After ensuring that your target audience can perfectly view your massage practice’s website, design comes next. Experts said that a well-design website helps in improving the branding of a business. They claimed that poor-looking or difficult to use sites usually drove people away. But how do you know that your website’s design is up-to-par with what your potential clients want and is the latest in web design? The following are some recommendations to consider when picking a designing a website:
Keep it simple

While design attracts your potential students, it is not what will convince them to stay. It is still important that your massage therapist website is not cluttered with varying kinds of information and pictures. Web designers recommend that you choose a typeface that is easy to the eyes. They also advise you to trim down colors used to a maximum of five different colors.
Easy navigation

A usable website is that which does not confuse its visitor where to click next just to find the information he/she needs. In designing the website for your massage therapy, it is best to keep the primary navigation simple. It should be located at the top to be visible and easy to click. Web designers also recommend using the breadcrumbs plugin. This plugin enables your potential and existing students to easily go back from previous pages they visited. Lastly, experts recommended to not have more than three levels deep navigation.
Be consistent

We already know how bad design easily turns people away. Consistency is key to keep your massage practice website elegant and befitting of your massage practice branding. Consistency in web design means that the template used in your home page should appear in all sections of the site. This also applies to typefaces, color schemes, and backgrounds. If you opt to use different templates across the site, web designers recommend maintaining the cohesiveness of the design by making only minor adjustments. They explain it helps in keeping the site easy to browse and scan for information.

User-experience should be among the top priorities when designing a website. Experts recommend conducting a trial-and-error to gauge the effectiveness of your website’s design. Additionally, there is a wide selection of tools that can help you evaluate whether you have come up with a great web design. Crazy Egg is one of those tools. It is capable of providing information on the performance of your website by using heat map, confetti, overlay, and scroll map.

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Consider responsive design

In web design, responsive design refers to the capability of your website’s design to adopt in any kind of screen. Studies and surverys revealed that more people are using their mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers to access the Internet. Having known that good design is important in attracting new clients, it is best to research and test whether your massage practice website’s design can fit a large screen and work even on the smallest screen.

Templates Fit for a Massage Therapy Site

WordPress and Squarespace are common platforms used by small businesses to creat and host their websites. There are numerous reasons behind the popularity of the said blogging/website providers among businesses. First, it is easy to create one despite having no background in creating websites. Second, you don’t need to have a dedicated server to host your own website. These providers do all the hard work for you. Lastly, these platforms are abundant with templates fit for any kind of business. Many third-party providers work with these blogging platforms in terms of creating a website template. Such templates make it easier for you to fix your site and include all those you wanted to show your potential clients.

The following are some of samples of available templates for your massage therapy website:
Shanti – WordPress Theme

If you decided to go with WordPress when creating your website, this template suits everything a massage practice needs. It features eye-catching pages that highlight all aspects of your business and what you have to offer. It comes with an Elementor Page Builder. This feature allows you to easily insert your content by just drag-and-drop. The theme was also developed to be mobile-friendl y. The Shanti theme works on both large screens, as well as any kind of smartphone or tablet computer

Namaste – Ready-to-Use Minimal Elementor Theme

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The Shanti template for your WordPress website is equipped with Elementor. The template with this feature built-in allows you to easily customize your site to your liking. This feature makes it easier for you to include maps and other things as it comes with widgets like Google Maps, SoundCloud, and social media icons. Namaste also comes with JetElements built-in for Elementor. This feature enables you to re-arrange and even build your massage practice website from scratch. JetElements enables you to create a website without knowing any coding language. It also comes with functionalities like mega menu, Cherry plugin layouts, and integrated Google fonts.

This template for massage therapist websites is among those recommended by Squarespace itself. The template comes with a customizable header, which was done in a way that exudes professionalism while still being approachable. The template is recommended by Squarespace for business owners who want to feature more text on their website rather than photographs.


The Bedford template was made for showcasing interactive content. It is for those massage practices that wants to highlight creative video/s specifically made for their business. If you want a more active call-to-action button, the template comes with a prominent button that is eye-catching and easily visible.


The Energy WordPress template was designed for businesses specializing in health and fitness. It comes with several features that includes two header designs, easy color styling, theme options panel, and full-screen slideshow. This template promises and easy-to-make experience given the Theme Options Panel included with the template.

Wellness Pro

The Wellness Pro template was made for websites using WordPress. It was specifically developed for businesses and blogs catering to the health and fitness market. The template comes with an easy to use theme option. It allows for an easy theme change without the hassle of learning any coding techniques. The Wellness Pro template also features a customizable header, widget areas, and is mobile responsive. The template was also made with e-Commerce in mind. It was pre-styled for WooCommerce and BigCommerce.

Easy When You Know All the Essentials

While professional help is still the best, you can still have a great looking website if you are on a budget. Your massage therapy business will definitely take great advantage of the marketing done online. With many depending on the Internet to search for products and services, a website is definitely a must for new and even existing businesses.

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