Facebook might be popular for poking, reconnecting with family and friends, and sharing cute photos of your pet. However, marketing professionals saw its potential as a tool that could help businesses in the long run.

Social media platforms like Facebook welcome hundred of thousands of visitors a day. Given the number of people using the platform religiously, it is a great channel to advertise and make people know more about your business.

In this article, discussion will focus on the use of social media, particularly Facebook, to advertise your massage practice.

It will also highlight ways to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Facebook Pages, ways businesses can use Facebook Pages, and advice from marketing professionals on how to take advantage offered by Facebook.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is defined as a type of Internet marketing that makes use of social media platforms to create and share contents. Activities that usually comes with this kind of online marketing include posting images, texts, and videos related to your business and paid social media advertising to engage your existing and potential massage clients.

Authentic content generation is also another reason businesses and marketing professionals are also tapping into social media for their marketing campaigns. Through these user-generated contents, brands are able to harness the creativity of their patrons while creating a bond with their community.

According to the Social Media Update 2016 report from the Pew Research Center, Facebook remains as biggest social media platform in the world. Facebook is also the most favored among business and marketing professionals as a social media marketing platform. The following reasons are why it is the ideal platform for social media marketing:

  • First, Facebook allows them to be more detailed in creating their content.
  • Second, the social media platform also allows attaching of photographs and videos as a stand alone or alongside the text.
  • Third, Facebook allows linking back to either the brand’s other social media accounts or its official website.
  • Lastly, the platform has the ability to remind people about schedules.

How Can I Use Social Media for My Business?

Competition is strong in the health and fitness industry in the late 2010s. It is good for customers but could be a big challenge for your massage business. One thing that can make you stand out from the competition is to have something you unique to offer to your students. However, there is a problem when you are not putting out yourself to the public.

Social media is a great way for you to reach your target audience. Some of the features offered by Facebook Page are free. This is something of a good news for businesses that are just starting or those who are struggling to maintain their operations. In order to attract new students to your studio, the following should convince you to implement a social media marketing strategy:

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As an advertisement for your business.

Social media reaches a lot of people. Given that many are using Facebook and other social media platforms, it is sure that people you want to be familiar with your massage practice can be reached. Businesses that want to make better use of social media marketing should be ready with appropriate content and a strategy that that only sees success as their endgame.

The use of social media as a way to advertise a business has been proven to be successful. Many businesses saw sales reached and their new customers signed. To sum it up, a click and a simple share can land your business in the same category as those viral cat videos.
A platform to connect with your customers.

Social media is also a way for your business to connect with your customers. Social media is a place to find out how people are talking about your business. It can also be a channel to address the inquiries and concerns of your customers. Many of the big businesses nowadays are turning into social media to help their clients. This strategy is proving to be a big help for most companies as it allows them to immediately address issues and complaints made by their customers.

Business looking for new consumers can also tap into social media to get to know their potential customers. It can be a great avenue to explain and give answers to their inquiries and other concerns.

Benefits of Using Facebook Page

Businesses that makes use of Facebook Pages are offered a ton of tools that can make their social media marketing initiative more fruitful. Facebook offers business functions like insights, targeted audience, and the ability to monitor the activity of your competitors. These functions are enough to convince you to sign up for the Facebook Business service. If those were not enough to made up your mind on getting a Facebook Page, the following are other benefits that comes with this service:
Cost-effective Marketing Expenses

Having a Facebook Page costs nothing for any kind of business. It is a good news for new or small businesses looking to expand their market. If you are looking to take advantage of the posting texts, videos and links, the platform is the best way to start your social media marketing strategy.

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However, you can take things further to easily reach your target audience. Facebook also offers paid services that includes paid advertisement spots to get more likes, boosted posts, and its Sponsored Stories service.
Facebook Insights

Insights allows you to gauge whether your efforts are paying off. This tool allows you to monitor the following statistics among others:

  • The number of people who liked your Facebook Page;
  • Determine the reach of your Page;
  • Page engagement; and
  • Post performance.

Higher Traffic to Your Website

A great social media marketing strategy includes links of their official website into every post they make. While it is a must that all content you post must be helpful and entertaining, it should be capable of providing some benefits for you. Experts said integrating links is much better on Facebook as it attractive and shows a summary of the website linked.

Additionally, linking can help you gain new students for your studio. A direct link to your website allows your potential customers to view your membership offers and other packages available in your massage practice.

Recommendations from Experts on Using Facebook Pages

Sure you know what is Facebook Pages and the benefits it offer. But knowing is only one thing for it to bring value to your business. Remember that not everything written online or on a book would work in the same way as it did for others. With this in mind, it is best to further hear and contemplate on the experiences and advice of some professionals.

In order to make the most of what Facebook has to offer, the following are the four stages of a successful social media marketing effort:

A marketing campaign should start with listening. By starting your social media presence, it will be a given that people will start talking about your business online. The first thing in implementing a social media strategy is to listen to what people are saying about your business. Take note of everything they are saying. Consider it as constructive criticism that could be the foundation of your social media marketing efforts.

Also, your Facebook Page and other social media accounts can act as your other customer service line. It is best to be responsive. Experts recommend adopting a 3-Step Social Customer Service Plan, which includes responding quickly, empathizing, and moving it to a private conversation if issue cannot be dealt immediately.

Social media marketing can also be used to influence the opinion and behavior of your followers. Given that you listened to what people were talking about your business, it is pretty easy to influence your existing and target customers. At this stage of your social media marketing initiative, the following goals should be met:

  • Increase awareness of your massage business;
  • Realize higher traffic to your website;
  • Increase engagement with your business and content; and
  • Have a solid retargeting list.
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The third stage of your effort is where you start forging a connection with your audience. Social media marketing is not just about you being able to sell your stuff. It has long been proven that customers tend to be loyal if they feel businesses treat them as royalty. Content at this stage of your marketing effort should be aimed to provide new information and/or help on their journey to becoming better massage therapists. Social media marketing experts recommend that each content you release be related to your products and/or services, capable of creating good will among your competitors, and able to convert that good will into meaningful partnership.

Selling is described by most marketing professionals as the most interesting part of any marketing effort. A social media post acts as a gateway. A link is mostly incorporated by social media managers into any business’ social media account. That link will then redirect them to your website. It is there where they will be able to browse all the offers you have.

Getting people to say yes can be a challenging task. But there’s no dead end in social media marketing. Retargeting, personalized advertisements, and blogging are some other strategies you can use to finally convince your potential student to click on that package you are offering.

Facebook Pages is Perfect for You

Facebook Pages is a great way for you to start your social media marketing journey. Given the number of people using the platform, there is a great chance for you to reach your target audience. The low cost of maintaining a Facebook Page is its biggest selling point. Starting a Page on the social media platform costs nothing. You just need to know and have the right content, so that you can easily target your intended audience. If the free stuff is no longer working, Facebook also has paid services that can help you ensure that all your social media marketing efforts would not be wasted. In the end, a Facebook Page is a great tool for you to get your business known to people in your community.

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